17 Feb 1923

Dearest Mum:

I hope you are well. No doubt you'll have heard the big news out of Egypt before this note reaches you. Suffice it to say that Mr. Carter's find was as grand as it was unexpected! Although the young pharaoh's tomb appeared to have been pilfered long ago, the burial chamber remained undisturbed and we were the first to see its treasures in millenia, a feeling which I can describe only as ineffable.

On that note, I have enclosed a souvenir from my time here. It is truly unique and, to the right collector, rather valuable. The less you know of it, the better - so do not unwrap it; rather keep it in a safe place and forget about it, unless financial vicissitudes should ever necessitate that you part with it.

While I do not expect this ancient bauble to expunge the dishonour upon my name (quite the opposite, assuredly!), or purchase your and Father's forgiveness for my various derelictions, I hope it will bring you some comfort to know that you are never far from my thoughts, and you shall never want for anything so long as I have any say in the matter.

I remain your devoted son,

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