journal: 22 Apr 1924

Insufferably hot. No rain, but the Indus has flooded thrice since March. Very slow going, with little to show for it aside from a score of bricks (all uniform in dimension) and various earthen amulets fashioned to resemble animals (mostly bulls and rhinoceri). Likely pre-Bronze Age, prior to Aryan invasion.

Also found amulet of horned man/priest. J. Daniel perceives connection to Hindoo god Rudra (primordial Shiva). He says the name can be translated as "roarer," "howler," and "terrible." Collective plural (the Rudras) refers to storm gods; associated with archers/lightning. Also believed to cause and cure diseases. 18 inauspicious omens (e.g., famine) when Rudra was born, per legend.

But Mjr. McCormick is of a different mind than Daniel, believing the amulet to signify a "Lord of Beasts," whom he erroneously identified as Pushpati. Irene and I gently corrected him; I noted that Pushpati is a woman's name (indeed, the same as one of my nurses from last summer!), while Irene remarked that the inscription on the amulet reads Pashupati. Naturally, he responded with disdain.

In fairness, the Major's assumption as to the significance of the figure is not without merit, as he is depicted surrounded by various animals - very much like the antlered god from the Gundestrup cauldron, even in posture. But when this resemblance was pointed out to him, he quickly dismissed the observation (for no other reason, it seemed, than it was not his own). 

For all the Major's effectiveness as an overseer, barking orders to dig here and there, his aptitude as an archaeologist leaves much to be desired, and his ignorance is compounded by an incurious, autocratic demeanour that at times borders on disrespectful. He reminds me of my father in many ways, down to the loathsome caterpillar on his upper lip that passes for a moustache, and the similarities are beginning to gall me.

Otherwise, nothing of much import has yet been found. As unlikely as it is that we will uncover anything approaching the rich splendour of KV62, we have only begun to dig, and I maintain hope that something of value will be revealed that will make all my labor and suffering worthwhile. 

(Also, once again out of cigarettes.)

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